about us - Belle Studio

and the coolest PHOTO BOOTH on Earth! 

We've been photographing weddings for a few years now. It's a great job - lots of warm feelings, a bit of stress and Great Satisfaction. You try to push your service to a higher level, so, we started to offer open air photo booth services! These are SO much fun! Soon after, Marzena saw this Gorgeous. Silver. Shiny. Beauty. She went home and searched for Silver Trailer. THAT WAS IT! Love from the very first sight! One week later a 1968 Airstream Safari was OURS! Bought on ebay from Santa Fe in the US. So how do you join your passion to your Silver Trailer? PHOTO BOOTH! :)

Our short insta-airstream-story:

picking up our Airstream in Southampton Port

Such a beauty! :) - September 2013

Work work work....

New floor, door and steps - all custom made

Amazing designs by StudioNA

looking good!

Photos - Neon Sign in PINK!

Chessboard floor is a must!

Painting white - July 2014

Logo -watercolour by Marzena :)

Man of destiny :) polishing his airstream

Pink Neon - almost there

Photo Kiosk designed by StudioNA

Photo Kiosk

Our gorgeous sofa also designed by StudioNa

Going on our first COMMISSION :D

Germany! Just passing through September 2014

New family member

at home at last -London September 2014

New backdrop coming up

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